Saturday, 10 October 2015


I am far from perfect and to say my lifestyle is a 100% healthy and thought-out... well… nope!

So, when I got pregnant I got heavier, obviously, and afterwards it didn’t just disappear. In the beginning there was hope of losing it through going back to my old lifestyle, after that it was the realization that being a bit bigger doesn’t make you a bad person, all of them escapes from facing the truth.

Last year has been an eye opener on many components of my life.

One of them was my personal lack of a life. I used to have hobbies, I used to go out with friends, I used to work-out on a regular basis, I used to have a life and nowadays I’m nothing more than a boring housewife and stay-at-home-mom who disregards herself in order to give her all to her daughter and husband.

During the past year I’ve been considering my options on changing my life while improving my family life. Fortunately I have a very supporting husband who understands my needs and is more than willing to help out.

One of the things that was clear as day and night was my physical condition. I needed to find a way to rebuild my muscles, rebuild my perseverance and meanwhile getting a better physical balance.  It is well known that the chemicals released by our brains are positively affected when we workout which in turn makes us feel good about ourselves.

When I was younger I used to dance. All forms of technique and posture are long gone but it has always been something I loved to do. I went out looking for any form of dance that would be both possible and affordable in my situation.

By the end of June this year I went for a trial class of Zumba Toning. My husband was sweet enough to surprise me with a shopping spree for new sports clothing, shoes and all other necessities. I was immediately hooked on the workout pace and just jumped right in.

I’m very layed back and when I can I go and when I can’t I don’t. Seems easy enough but because I want to add a permanent work-out into my live I have to accept the fact that there will be times when I can’t go. No matter how motivated I am, live has a tendency to leave your perfect schedule in one messed up heap. Well.. at least my live has.

It’s going great, I love going, the people are friendly and I have no problem on the motivation factor. I even went on a second shopping trip (not so much ‘spree’ this time) to get me some more fitness clothing.

This is definitely one change that turned out to be a success and is most definitely working for me. Time to get ready for another hour of Zumba!


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