Saturday, 24 October 2015

Voodoo People Album *Sneak Peak 1*

In my previous post I mentioned a Monster of a project I started working on. 

When I started on it I had a vaque idea what I wanted to do with it but yesterday I suddenly had an epiphany. I now have a clear plan on what I want it to look like when it's done. 

For now, I'm just going to show you a little sneak peak of what it is I'm working on. 

A while ago, 'bout 2 years or something, I bought a bunch of supplies on Ebay UK, getting a lot of stuff for a really cheap price. One of the items was a 12x12 scrapbookalbum, I believe it was a making memories album. 

When I recieved it it was heavily damaged, the window was loose, adhesive residiue everywhere but the binding and base were in good condition. I figured it was fine, it was cheap and I could always alter it and make it a multi media project. But I didn't know what I wanted to do with it so it ended up in a dusty corner in my crafts closet. Untill now. 

I decided on a album for the picture's of our Ravenskeep LARP Adventure's as the Voodoo People in a matching style. 

Here are a few picture's of my progress on the front cover : 

Before :
The damage isn't all that clear on the picture's but you get the idea.

After : 
The front will recieve a 3D Ravenskull in the middle and I'll embellish it with purple and black flowers. 
The inside of the cover will recieve matching embellishments.

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