Friday, 16 October 2015

Mur Lafferty - The Shambling Guides

Authoress : 
Mur Lafferty

Official website : 

Series :
The Shambling Guides

Part 1 : The Shambling Guide to New York City
Part 2 : Ghost Train to New Orleans

Genre :
Monsters / Urban Fantasy

Description on Murverse : 
Zoe Norris is a human returning to her hometown in disgrace wishing to get a new job in publishing. After many strikeouts, she finds the perfect-sounding job, only it happens to be at a publishing company that writes travel books for monsters!
Oh yeah, and monsters are real, too.
I absolutely LOVE this series!!
This is the ultimate monsters-live-among-us story. 
It's fun, it's original, it works. 
Monsters are able to hide because people simply don't pay attention. 
I would recommend these books to all fantasy lovers. 

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